Gretsch Garage Sale

Roland RE-101 Space Echo


Hey folks, I've hit a rough time and need to make some extra cash. So I'm offering up my Re-101

sounds killer and works sounds just a touch dirty, I personally like it, but a good tech could clean it up.

it's a japanese model, so it come with a converter already to go that fits in the back panel AC slot!

asking 800 plus s/h (pickin it up in person a plus, but I'll definitely work with you to get it where it needs to go).


This looks like a separate direct and echo out unit like my RE-150s. These sound amazing running the dry and echo into different amps gives a huge stereo echo sound. I'd take one of these over the over-priced RE-201 anyday of the week.


Oh boy. Somebody else buy this before I lose my resolve


That's a very good, more than fair price for a unit in that fine a condition. Somebody should jump on that asap.

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