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Not a bad price. They’re not making them anymore.

I have the 350v63 6 and 12’s. Same guitars but full-scale. I had push/pulls installed for the 5th knobs where pushed in, the middle pickup is removed and out, it behaves like normal.


Love the 21" scale. The middle pickup is the problem.

– DCBirdMan

Pull the middle pickup, fill the holes and get the whole thing refinished in red sparkle. Make it a real DCBirdMan special.


Well there were a few of these in kool red... like this bad boy

With one of those i would be tempted again and going to 2 p/u and making a special guard to cover that middle space -- could be done.

But like the $700 so I lost on each of those 2 refretted/refin Rick 650s, like that red sparkle one... it adds up. Just gonna troll for for a late 70s model 950. Same righteous 21" scale, 2 p/u and a pound lighter.


I agree with Afire, one of these would look great with just 2 pups and refinished in that same red sparkle you did on that Annie - I still think you should've kept that darling!


I've never had an issue with the middle pup... but it might simply be the way I play.


I think Lennon was annoyed by the tick tick of the middle pickup and disabled it.

The answer to your problems is here although you missed out this time. Of course you will need to expand your budget a tad for the next one that surfaces.


Well there was the red sparkle Annie and the red sparkle 650. Local GDPer Bob Howard was here earlier checking out this 325.

But 21" scale is my new short scale and this confirmed it.

In a while my 24" scale Duo Sonic will be outta here ..even that's a stretch for me now.


Oh, just picture that 325 with no middle PU in that red sparkle and gold plastic livery. It's the guitar of your destiny.


I see your point. Still I gotta have white plastic guard and logo. Normal knobs also. Well, I think it will take about 4-5 months to sell. If something else sells in the meantime... well, wil see. I would put Rickenbuckers on...and gotta have bigger frets for sure. So, not ruling anything out. Still it's $800 at the least, and then will be nearly impossible to sell if the came. Lost $1400 on the work to those 2 650s... but i knew that going in.


I always thought this would be a good idea, a John guitar with 2 pups, but now that I see this, it looks kinda wrong.


I didn't know about that 2009 run. On the topic of 310s, you might be able to find one from the 70s or 80s for less.


That is pretty cool -- it's just the color I can't get into.

BTW my 325 just sold on verb so ships out tomorrow.

But it was a worthwhile experiment to find 21" scale works for me --


If it doesn't go out , this might be an option , though I suspect the V59 toasters are not flat on the back and go into the body . You didn't say what your problem was with the middel pu . On the 2 ricks Ive had with 3 Pu´s , the middel ones where kind of in the way (of the pick). I had to have a Pu rewound on this one -so thats why its off

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