Gretsch Garage Sale

Revelation frenzy, part 2 REDUCED to $375


I gotta move this thing. Right at what it costs not including shippign from UK and set up and all the other work/gig bag also. It came over in 2 pieces wrapped in plastic... wide neck frenzy tho

Jazzmaster style 12 with killer wide 2" neck. A bit over 8 pounds. Dogmeat tone-suck rotary tone switch disconnected.Original tags! Only a few of these in US$ $400 plus shipping. Got mo pix


Man, I wish I could afford this right now. That's a righteous 12.


Plus you get the single coil P-90s that came with it. I had to have bucker P-90s for a quieter scene, but for single coil purists, got that scene covered. A 2" wide neck is sorta like wrapping your hand around a football field. It's a big change.

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