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Quilter, Filters, for sale UK


I'm moving a couple of things on, so I thought I'd post them here for the consideration of fellow GDPers in UK/EU.

Quilter Aviator head with footswitch and case. The only UK dealer currently lists this at a total of £680 (mine is the original Aviator, not the Gold. If you know the difference please tell me!) £375 plus shipping at cost. I live in Dorset but travel quite widely across the south so other options may be available. I used this when I was gigging a lot, it was great, especially the walk from the car to the gig.

One pair of HS Filtertrons, from my 6118T. I'm a single coil fan, these came out when I got my T-Armonds. Guitar is a 2005, pickups are excellent. Cheapest I've seen new is £56 each.

£80 for the pair including shipping. Edit: nickel finish.

Paypal gift, bank transfer, other options considered.

Thanks for looking.

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