Gretsch Garage Sale

Quilter Aviator 8 dang near new


Worth experimenting with but not for me. Cover, paper, original box but no footswitch. 575 shipped US. Aviator line discontinued a while back. Looks like they're all eaten up w/ modeling now.


Yes even after braggin' on how The Modern World has come to my amp reality... the same thing applies:

An input signal, no matter how great it is because of sophsticated electronics and design... thru an 8" speaker.. .just doesn't cut it for me. There is just no way I can deal with 8"s. A 10 would have fit in here.

They have a single 12 of this, but it's too big for what I need.

Still, always fun to try stuff. Digital reverb almst as good as Fishman on these


You have tried more different kinds of guitars and gear than any 100 GDP-ers of the rest of us grouped any way together...

I like it!


What works for what I play now? What works for my age now? It's those sort of things that cause it. 25 years ago I was a stone Telecaster freak. Nothing interests me less now. Used to be a vintage tube amp only guy. Now, an amp is just a commodity item - -whatever works.

Plus some of you guys collect/accumulate which is ok for sure... but I never have more than 4 or 5 guitars at any one time.

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