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Pyle Driver 10 , EV PL 5 and A/B box


$15 but the shipping will be brutal. Who else has heard the rumor that Pyle Driver rose out of the ashes of the Utah speaker scene? Also Electro Voice PL 5 instrument mike, $60 plus shipping . AB box $10 plus shipping


I pretty sure that the PL-5 is the same as the old EV 635---omnidirectional dynamic. Those are more oriented to use in news gathering or recording than live stage use. Those are the mikes that were nicknames "Old Hammerhead"---nearly indestructible. It's the mike that Pete Townsend KO'd Abbie Hoffman with at Woodstock. It's a mike that you know will always work.

I'm not totally sure about the Pyle/Utah speaker connection, but it's very likely. Probably both were in the same factory. There once were many related industries in this area of the Midwest.


Thanks for the info -- trivia -- never knew this. I did use it for guitar mike and it seemed to be ok.

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