Gretsch Garage Sale

PSA— attn UK members! 6120EC/Fender rig deal!


This is an FYI and I am not affiliated with the seller-- but there is a guy on the Gretsch-Talk forum in the London area who is selling a 2015 6120-EC AND a new Fender Blues Deluxe amp for £1800.00 for the entire rig... I'd be all over this deal-- but he's not shipping to USA. Just look in the buy/sell/trade section over there.


I was just going to post this. If only it was here.


Aye,great great deal,sadly i haven't paid for my Jet yet, and have a few more bills coming this month.


I didn't realise how expensive those Eddie Cochran models were till I saw this post. A guy I know has one and I tried it in rehearsal. It is the only modern Gretsch I've ever played and I had to fake a smile and figure out a way to put it down politely. It figures the only guy who seems to be in London is the one who has zero interest. Such is life.

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