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Update: Pickup selector switches needed


I am looking for three GOLD Gretsch pickup selector switches.

Two can be broken: they only need to sit on the guitar for the looks.

One must still be functional as it should switch the pickups.

I could use just the GOLD switch tips if an entire switch isn't available. It would be good to know if it's Jap or Us thread.

The switches are for a project guitar that Danny Vera bought.


Gretsch have 2 style pickup selector switches. Are you looking for the long pickup selector switch used for hollowbody or the short switch used for solid body jet style guitars.


Ha! I'm looking for the long hollowbody switches and knobs.

I'm looking at the page Ratrod posted. The non gretsch "antique" switches look quite Gretschy and cost half. But are they hollowbody style? And does the knob fit? Questions to be solved.


As long as they're the Gibson style 3-way switches it'll fit.


Thanks! All has been taken care of by Gretsch London!


Ger Ratrod: you had a great address to buy stuff. Thanks a lot!

Danny Vera got materials there to complete the project.


We got a pickup builder in our Dutch province of Limburg. They sound like a very punchy kind of hilotron but they are humbucking. Very cheap btw. 4-Season pickups in the town of Swalmen. Relic gold version. Project completed!


In the end the gold switches were swapped for relic black chrome because Rad's address had those.


Glad I was of some help. That shop is a bit pricey IMO but as we say in Friesland: better too expensive than not for sale.

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