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Good afternoon, I'm a regular over on G-T and been a lurker on GP for quite a while. I have some Gretsch items that I don't need anymore so I wanted to put them up for sale.

PM me if you find anything interesting.

  1. New Blacktop Set from my G5232T- $45 shipped (compared to new $66)

  2. Old Blacktop Set-Direct Mount circa 2013 - $40 shipped (compared to new $66 - I purchased them for a project, but with the new G5232T, I have not time for another)

  3. String spoilers x3 $17 shipped each (compared to new, anywhere from $25 to $40) I have 2 gold and 1 chrome.

  4. Grover 150G Imperial Tuners x2 $55 shipped each (compared to new $100) Comes with screws and top bezels. Fits 10mm pegholes.

  5. Bigsby B50 Chrome from my G5232T- brand new $75 shipped. (compared to retail $120)

  6. Bigsby standard 6.5” Arm assembly Gold - $35 shipped. (compared to new $55)


Hi, PM’d you about the Bigsby. I’ll take it, please. Thanks.

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