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Original Sylvania 6L6GC Power Tubes


My music emporium & gear storage facility (OK, the spare bedroom) has become a treasure trove of awesome items. About to turn 70 and deeply entrenched in a comfortable solo acoustic career, I have come to the realization that my bigger, heavier, somewhat antiquated rock & roll gear is now just "in the way" and will never be used again (by me, anyway). So, the selloff begins. Cleaned up my 2 1972 Fender Twin Reverb amps that have toured the world with me, and had them serviced by our local vintage amp guy, who said they're A-OK and ready for another tour or 2 (then, not me!). And yesterday, in my box of "spare parts", I uncovered these ... a quartet (set of 4) of authentic, original, MADE IN AMERICA Sylvania amplifier tubes ... 6L6GC power tubes, considered some of the best ever made. My memory is somewhat unclear, but they either came out of, or were acquired for my '66 Fender Super Reverb or '72 Twins). Had them tested yesterday on a Hickok 539c tube tester (the gold standard) and they tested great! So, he (the tube amp guy) said they could garner upwards of $200 online, so ... GDP guys get 1st crack at them. Make me an offer. Twins posted for sale with pictures tomorrow, although shipping 74 pounds amps could become prohibitive, unless you feel like driving to south Florida!

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