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Orange County sale


Those of you in O C / LA area might be interested in this. Steve Soest of Soest Guitars is hosting a sale this Saturday 4/21 down in Orange County. The link here is from his Facebook post.


Every now and then, you step back and assess your surroundings, for better or for worse... this is one of those times, and I have come to realize that I am SURROUNDED by stuff that I have spent most of my adult life accumulating. Some has value ( too good to throw away), and some not. Rather than rent a massive storage unit, I have decided to part with a major portion of over 50 years of music-related acquisitions. This coming Saturday, April 21st, an associate and myself will be holding a special GARAGE SALE FOR MUSICIANS, in the hope that we can spread some of the joy to other musical geeks as afflicted as ourselves ! some of the stuff you might come face to face with at this one day offering will be: GUITARS, BASSES, CASES, BANJOS, MANDOLINS, UKULELES, JUNKER GUITARS/PARTS, SURPLUS PARTS, RAW FRAME SPEAKERS ,FENDER GRILLES ,FENDER SPEAKERS,P.A. HORNS, P.A. SPEAKERS, GROOVE TUBES, SPEAKER CABINETS, POWER AMPLIFIERS, VINTAGE GUITAR AMPLIFIERS AND A LOAD OF OTHER MUSIC RELATED ITEMS !! it really is time to thin the herd...........

CASH ONLY, NO CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS ALL SALES FINAL. One day only, Saturday, April 21st 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. 946 N. Main Street, Orange, Ca. 92867 (corner of Main and Collins )

Please feel free to share the news, and hope to see you there !


Sounds interesting. Thanks for the Headsup.


Thank you very much !!!


I may be interested. Do you have more detailed descriptions and pictures? I need more bait!


No. Just sharing for a friend. Steve posted he is not cataloging it at all. You can read about Steve: http://www.jackaboutguitars...

Scroll down the read for a pic of Steve and Setzer in 95


Is this affiliated with the Guitar Shop near the Orange Circle on Chapman ?


Wish that I lived closer.

– Ric12string

No you me.


Here’s something he just listed on our local Craigslist for starters



That will be some cool stuff! Too bad I'm on the wrong side of the country.

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