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Has anyone got an original 1955 6120 aluminium nut for sale? What have you got please? Thank you


Anyone please?


Anyone please?

– BBB64

You'll probably have the best results in getting one by having a good luthier make you one from scratch.

Aluminum is easy to work with, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Bottom line, you'll get a perfect nut, and for a ton less money than if you did find an original nut, that will probably need work anyways.

Best of luck


Anyone please?

– BBB64

Hey brother... for rare parts like what you're looking for here, you'll probably need to wait more than an hour to find one.


Getting one made is faster and cheaper. And it's custom made for your guitar and you'll get the slot depth that fits your action needs.


Make one! Not hard if you have tools.

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