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Neck radius


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What radius is a matter of some discussion. The original concept of the Tru-Arc is that a close match between fingerboard and bridge yields more consistent action and playability, and better intonation. But some guys specifically prefer a flatter radius at the bridge than across the fingerboard - for a number of reasons, some technical and some just from experience.

I find that when a radius mismatch exceeds somewhere from 2 to 3 inches, it becomes a problem. (It's way worse when the bridge has a steeper radius than the fingerboard.) By default, I sell 9.5" radius bridges for 9.5" radius fingerboards, and 12" for 12". There's a little more to it than that, but that's a good place to start.

Also - differences of .5" are awfully hard to detect. I'd rather bridge be of slightly flatter radius than slightly steeper - and in your case, the 10" radius defies that preference. Still, I suggest starting with the 9.5" radius, because that's close - and it's a stock bridge that can be returned for exchange or refund. If it doesn't work out, you can swap for the 12 or we can bend one to any radius you like (which adds a small shop fee and makes it un-returnable [unless we screw up the specs]).

Again, you can do all this through Deke Martin at f-holes, website address in earlier post.


Not sure if you can help me, but I’ve just measured my fretboard and it’s 20”. The existing bridge is pretty much flat. February 1967 6120 Chet Nashville. Any chance of a better bridge?


We can make that. Message me through the site for info.


I've had several different bridges on my 1957W, including steel/aluminum alloy, pure aluminum, and brass. On that particular guitar, I ended up liking the original best. I also took out the shims I'd put under the pickups, so they're also back to factory spec. I did keep a couple of changes: I "frosted" the pickguard, removed the gold plating on the body hardware, and replaced the tuning machines with nickel ones. I also had to run a ground wire to the housing of the bridge pickup.

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