Gretsch Garage Sale

NDD! So my wife went to this auction…


... and bought dulcimers. Two complete ones, parts from two kits.

Now I love me some hot dulceemer as much as the next guy (how much is that?), but after much soul-searching and careful consideration, I've decided to sell these suckers!

See them here.

Make offers. Package deals enthusiastically entertained. GDP deals abound. We got to move these redulcerators, we got to move these color teevees.


Obviously center bock models, but what about bracing?

Maybe you should get your wife a library card....?


I know the real reason why you are dumping them.

Those heart soundboard holes remind you just a bit too much of the Gretsch Rancher "French" triangular soundhole... And we all know how you feel about them...

Even if that's not the real reason, feel free to use that as your real excuse.


Ah, the early American version of a cigar box guitar!


So, how do they sound through pedals?


I tried stuffing one through the 1/4" jack, and that went ok. But it doesn't come out the other side.


If you're gonna use pedals, ya gotta get one of these:

A few years ago I saw Laura Allan (now deceased, RIP) perform with a solid body electric dulcimer. She was one of the first to play them.


I like that it's blue... but it needs a Floyd Rose.

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