Gretsch Garage Sale

Music Room cleanout Sale.


A few things up For Sale, cleaned up a bit and found some things that were sitting for awhile and not being used.Everything is in very good condition without any marks, damage or wear. (Except the BIG MUFF)

ALL the Prices include Shipping , if you live in Canada ,Hawaii or Europe.Sorry cannot ship these to you as they are rock bottom prices with the shipping estimated for U.S. addresses. I prefer Paypal using the "friends and Family".

#1. John Pearse, Volume AND Tone Control. They dont make these anymore with the included Tone Knob. Model- JPT2 This one is $32.00.

#2. Stevens AP&M guitar Slide. This one looks like the older version and it is Nice. $19.99.

#3 Big Heart Guitar Slide ,in Orange Hand blown Glass. The Opening looks like 3/4 of an Inch. This is one of the Custom Special order models.A deal At $30.00.

#4 Big Heart Guitar Slide, In a light Purple color, This one is another Custom Order blown Glass in a "Heart" shape. Take a look at the picture. The opening measures .689 which according to the Big Heart web site is about a 11/16th. Also $30.

#5 John Pearse Guitar Strap (made by Levys) in Light brown soft Leather,,it feels like suede. Max length is about 48 inches long. (too short for me I wish it was my size) $30.00.

#6 GRESTCH hand tooled guitar Strap in Black, has all the decorative Jewel pieces on the buckle and ends. Brand new never used. Max Length is 55 Inches. Your cost $45.

#7 Planet Waves Locking Guitar Strap WITH Shoulder pad. Max length is 60 Inches. It has the ratcheting Locking guitar ends that secure it in place.This is beautiful strap. Your Price $25..

P.M. Me for any questions and to purchase.


#3 Big Heart Slide, Orange.


# 4 Big Heart Slide ,Purple.


#5 John Pearse Guitar Strap.


#6 Gretsch Strap. Brand New ,no packaging.


BIG MUFF for sale. It DOES NOT WORK. I tried to rewire the power input connector to use with my power supply and I fried something inside. I think the Polarity wires were mis-wired incorrectly (by Me)

I bought another and stashed this away.

For Sale at $20.oo Shipping included.


PM sent for the broken Big Muff


Gretsch Guitar Strap SOLD.


Willing to make Trades,What do you got?


Saturday bump.

Open to Trades,, Everybody needs a Slide!

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