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SOLD! Moving Sale Cont. - Yamaha DXR10 Powered Monitor


Just in case someone here might be interested as a part of my "moving sale" I am selling my Yamaha DXR10 powered monitor. I use it as a cabinet for my Kemper but while I am relocating I will instead use my small Genlec 08010a speakers. I will also be putting this up on

The Yamaha DXR10 has never been gigged and has lived since Sept 2017 in my "bedroom" music studio area. It is in excellent shape overall, but there is one small scratch on the right side, and on the left side, there is a place about 2" long where it looks like the finish was marred but didn't go thru the paint. (See photos).

It will ship in its original box with the styrofoam inserts, power cord and instruction manual.

Offered for sale to a GDP person for $425, shipped, insured, signature required. Sorry, CONUS only. PayPal.

More photos are available at the other site or I can send them to you if you want.

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