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More FS: lefty Cream “Fool” SG and Bass VI replicas


Hey, all,

I am also selling my two fantastic psychedelic replicas of Eric Clapton's (and later Todd Rundgren's) "Fool" SG and Jack Bruce's Bass VI. They're on (see links below), but fellow GDPers can get them for less if they buy through here.



Contact me if you desperately require either (or both) of these. They do make a lovely pair.



Hate that she's gone. I loved meeting her.


Yeah, I wasn't crazy about putting this pair up, but they were not, and were never going to be, go-to guitars to play, I'd had all the fun with them that I was going to have, and priorities are changing 'round here.

The Bass VI may not attract a buyer. I would be quite prepared for that eventuality. After all, it's a niche instrument (Bass VI) within a niche interest (replicas of notable guitars) within a niche fandom (Jack Bruce and/or Cream) within a niche hand orientation (left-handed).

One of my negotiating ploys for buying the one-off special order vintage lefties is to declare, "Hey, there was so little demand for this model that they only built one, and the person who wanted it is through with it. And now you have to find another person who'll want that price?" Well, the shoe is on the other foot now!

I'll still have too many guitars when this revolt is over, not to worry.


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