Gretsch Garage Sale

might start looking -Vette


single pickup no-trem model only; early 3/3 model preferred over 4/2. Also the earliest ones had 1 3/4" nut width which is a big deal w/ me. either freaky clean or toasted enough to be a total do-over.


Looking for the mkI slab version?


Never tried one. If they had the full 1 3/4" wide neck that the first beveled 2nd generation ones did, them maybe. But they must be heavier.

A killer clean Twist would be ok.. cause I like red guitars. Would stash original guard, get a repro and move the controls closer in. Also those big .53 x .110 Stew Mac frets.

There was just 2 years of the 3/3 headstock cause it went 4/2 in '64. Some are just 6 pounds. I think by '64 the necks were down to 1 11/16th. Gotta have that wiry bridge Hi Lo tone.

A deal for the '76 Broadkaster just crashed and burned tho.

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