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Malekko Ekko 300B Analog echo pedal


Finally decided to let go of my Malekko Ekko 300 Bright. Awesome pedal - my favorite delay of the many I've tried - but I'm not playing electric these days and could use the cash.

For anyone unfamiliar with this rare little gem, it's a handmade 300ms analog delay with controls for time, regen and mix. Repeats are tight and rich - incredible for rockabilly, but versatile enough for just about anything. As the name implies, it's leans to the crisp/bright side of things, which is a nice departure from most analog delay pedals.

Malekko Ekko 300B Demo on - <iframe src="" height="320" width="100%">

These don't come up for sale often and are getting tougher to find. It still has the "factory" sticker of the letter "O" on the top of the pedal (the Malekko gang has an odd sense of humor). Cosmetic condition is good, with a couple minor chips to the finish.

And the fact that the LED lights up the robot's laser beam is just too cool...

Now on eBay with a super-low opening bid: <a href="" rel="nofollow">

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