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Magnatone Twilighter 112


Late-model Magnatone Twilighter 122.

Made in USA. 1x12, 20 watts, 6V6 power tubes, reverb, tremolo, and world-famous Magnatone pitch-shifting vibrato. With footswitch and non-original cover.

I’m the second owner. The first owner scratched the top and tried to fix it with touch-up paint. You can see the results... But, I got a great deal, and so will you. When I got the amp, it had a Celestion Creamback in it. The original owner had poked a hole in the cone of the stock speaker (WGS 12C/S) when he was swapping speakers. Long story short, I got it re-coned and put the Creamback in my Orange.

These are $2700 new, so save over a grand if you can live with the blemish. Otherwise, the amp is in perfect working order.

This amp sounds amazing. A loud 20 watts for sure. Big cleans, starts breaking up about 10 o’clock with humbuckers. Reverb is great, maybe a bit smoother than, say, a Deluxe Reverb. You can switch between traditional, Fender photo-cell trem (Twin, Deluxe, Super) and Magnatone true vibrato, which actually alters the pitch. Notoriously hard to duplicate - nothing else really comes close. Of course, you guys are all familiar with Maggies.

I'm asking $1500, plus shipping. I have the factory box, and it's really big, so I imagine shipping will be a bout $150. I'm in the PNW, and would be willing to meet halfway if anyone's up in this neck of the woods.


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