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Looking for harp tailpiece


As the title sais, looking for used synchromatic harp tailpiece, vintage or reissue. Thanks !


I have a reissue one spare. It's in Europe but I'm planning on having access to USPS in July--up in the air due to Covid19 travel bans, etc. It's gold plate. I haven't priced it but I can if my logistics can work for you, and I have to make sure the jeweler's repair to the vintage version of the tailpiece I have is still holding together on an old Synchromatic.


Since Frank is in the Netherlands that deal seems close.


Hi knavel thanks & let me know ! I have sent you an email !!


Hi Ed hope you are doing well. Not posting here much but I still read occasionally !


Knavel didnt work out (thanks anyways !)

anyone else ??


I have a vintage one but it needs some loving care to make it sparkle.


Great old tailpiece Doc! I love the patina and would hate to see it ever "sparkle".


The original harp tailpiece on a late 40s Synchromatic I have also has "Gretsch" engraved on both sides of the plate.


Thanks doc !!

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