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Looking for Gretsch G400



I'm based in the UK and looking to buy a reissue (non cutaway) Gretsch G400. Especially keen on the G400B but I would also be happy with a sunburst version.

If you're looking to move one of these on - please let me know!


I've never seen many of these around when searching Gretsch archtops so it follows they didn't make too many of them. One fellow around here has one but he likes it. Good luck with your search and let us know when you find one.


GC nationwide might be a place to keep looking as they come up with interesting things now and then. Put your name in with a few places known for good vintage guitars. Elderly and particularly in Washington come to mind.


I have to agree you on the cutaway. My '41 Synchromatic doesn't have one and while it would look better (and play better) with one, they didn't do cutaways that far back. It does have a terrific feature not put on many modern guitars from any maker and that's a properly carved spruce top.

This one shown for sale looks to be in great shape and with these not coming on the market very often, isn't too high a price for a nice archtop.


They’re around. The internet is kind to those who are patient and obsessive.


Thank you for all the messages, I think because they don't come up often, I'm just having to remind myself to just be patient! Fingers crossed the wait isn't too long

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