Gretsch Garage Sale

lookin for a 1961 beater axe


anyone have a gretsch from 61 that they're lookin to unload?

gotta be hollow body, prefer 16 inch bouts and 2.5 deep.



If it's a beater, what difference does the year make?


this is an excellent question.

I'm a little neurotic...and i have a 58, 59, 60, & 62...

the 62 is a custom axe, me and Curt W. discussed doing another custom job and agreed 61 was the logical year!


That makes sense (kinda) Hi Lo Annies were around by then... usualy plentiful and not too expensive. What's the right price for that red one posted in Vintage?


i feel like because of the binding there could be some issues, so i think 500 is fair, but it's faaaar from that price. it's in pretty poor shape.


1961 is a interesting year in Gretsch evolution. The '61 Corvette solid body (debut year) is about the only iteration of that model that I would pursue (especially if it was platinum grey). Likewise the rare '61 Duo Jet (without the Burns vibrato) is about the only double-cut Jet I would personally consider. The '61 version of the 6120 is the last of the single-cut 6120s, and is often the best value, as they tend to fetch a little less than the other model years. I think the '61 Gent model is viewed similarly. Likewise the early 60s ('61 inclusive) Country Clubs seem to be a little less valued by collectors, and deals can be had. So it's a pretty good model year to be seeking a Gretsch guitar from... some unique features, as well as more reasonable prices! Good luck on your quest!


KC: it certainly is a transition year which is one of the reasons I'm so interested. of all my guitars right off the line I like the 1960 the best, buuuut....the 1962 that Curt modified plays and feels the best. The problem is I really do have some amazing examples from each year. They all play incredible (I'm currently waiting on a neck reset on a 59 and I just know I'm gonna love it).

I did spot this gem...which looks ripe for a resurrection, and the serial number is right on the line for 61...



Rough looking repair!! Pawnshop...I'd call them and make an offer for if (when) it goes un-sold.


I agree with Charlie to call them but I'd do it now. Of course mention all the things that need addressing that reduces the price then offer say $550 and mention that my next and last offer when it doesn't sell in a few weeks will be $500. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


It seems like a good candidate. gonna give em a call.

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