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Lexicon Hardwire RV-7


What is cool about this is it does have 2 paralell inputs and outputs so you really can run 2 guitars thru one reverb pedal in to 2 different channels or even 2 different amps. I have done this. $85 shipped -- don't know the market. I think that's an ok price?


Just wanted to butt-in here on this pedal. I have this very same pedal and in my opinion it's the best reverb out there!! I had the rack mount Lexicon which was great but just too much for little ol' me. I did a lot of research and landed on this great reverb pedal. It has the legendary Lexicon reverb that is well liked. I like it even better than any "on board" reverb, spring or digital! So if you have an amp like a Standel or Champ with NO reverb, then this pedal is for you!! I can't believe it is being sold. If I didn't already have one I'd buy it myself. Jis sayin'........Steve


I got it for the dual purpose / dual channel thing. It goes it all but really all I need is a Holy Grail Nano

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