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Let’s get Baxter a guitar for Christmas.


A bit more added to the pot. Merry Xmas Bax!


Over on the JB giveaway thread I posted an item up for grabs in exchange for a 21 quatloo donation to the Baxter holiday fund.

– chrisp2

Donation made! Thanks Chris


This was a great idea Sascha! I first joined here in Jan. 2009. Since then great things have happened to me. I met Joe C, Fred Gretsch, Mike Lewis and Deed and Duane Eddy. I have won guitars, been given guitars and even given a few away. I even met the man behind the curtain, Baxter. I can't tell you how many friends I have made through the work of Baxter.

Tim, you deserve this and much more.

Merry Christmas!!!!


I'm in -- $21 sent Merry Christmas Bax and thanks AGAIN for all your efforts that are so helpful to so many of us!!


Hi Olivia. Since I'm not writing in my mother-tongue I thought that "guys" is used sex and gender free. Sorry if it ain't. I really appreciate you ladies here a lot and your love (not only for The Beatles) makes this a better place.


– sascha

Dear Dear Sascha,

I noted your tongue clearly in your cheek. I also was doing a bit of ribbing, myself. It was not your post alone that led me to be a bit, shall I say, prissy. In this lovely thread, I'd post nothing but kindness and light, albeit I may miss my mark occasionally, as I did here. I do love everyone around this shop and all the kindnesses we show one another most always.

Doing this for Baxter is stellar. I will try to remind us in a separate stream after the New Year that Bax could use more infusions of cash all through the year to be able to keep giving us this joyful place to play.

Merry Christmas to all you Boys ("Boys" inclusive of we "Girls.")

Olivia Anne


Sorry to be late to the party but count me in! I guess the goal has already been reached but I am sure Baxter will put the extra funds to good use.


I used to just donate every year around the same time, but I'll admit I have gotten lax over the last few years. Even if it isn't for a guitar, we do need to throw Bax a bone, occasionally, hence all of the points Uncle Grumpy made above.

I figured you were poking us guys, Olivia. We certainly deserve it, sometime. It does get rather testosterone filled around here. I guess it's just the nature of all of us old pickers.


When I saw this guitar I thought I was looking at my own Historic Rancher Jr., "G" brand and all. I know Tim will really like it. Here's mine.


It's on the way to Bax via 2-Day Priority Mail!


OK, at least I'm in before the guitar arrived! Merry Xmas Bax!


Oh boy oh boy oh boy


Arrived already?? That was freaky fast!!


Man I love this place!


Yup, it is here. I forget -- despite NJBob telling me fairly often -- just how nice those Historics were. They get lumped in with the 99-03 Electros and Synchros, but they really were much much better.

Note for anyone thinking I'm slagging Electros: They also gotten WAY better than the 99-03 versions.


This looks great and I'm happy (and a tiny bit proud) this crazy little idea turned out so wonderful. Thanks to everyone involved!

You deserve it, Tim. Merry Christmas.


On the Historics: This is the guitar that got me to fling my Martin 000-28EC like a used Kleenex. It's loud and proud, and has really great Fishman Prefix electronics. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Tim, and every one of you!


O.K. a day late and a dollar short,but I just sent some $ Baxter's way. If the guitar is paid just take it as a Holiday GDP donation.

Merry Christmas Bax!


I’m glad this worked out for you easy done deal just in time for Christmas. :)


A well deserved perk for the guy who maintains this wonderful lounge where we all hang out. By far the coolest and friendliest site I've visited.

Merry Christmas Mr Bax.


Late to the party, but I'm in anyway.


jinkies, day late and a dollar it too late to donate?

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