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kool Rick 650 —my best one


I spotted that last night, and I was going to recommend it to you - what with maple board, big frets, and its 650ness.

Then I realized it was you selling it.

I admire your commitment to the search and your determination to go where it leads you!

If only I needed a red Rickenbacker 650. I'm just wondering what universe that would happen in.


Well, they are unappreciated gems and so much not a Rickenbacker (narrow neck, tiny frets, lacquer board, single coils, weird bridges).

Locals here know about the relentless experimentation of the last 5 years -- always about what music I play now, hold old I am now, what kind of sound I like now... and this kept me content longer than anything else .. 3 years. Only thing I didn't like ws the 24 fret board.

The 650/12 nabbed by Bob Howard was good but man now I got a custom 12 with a 2" wide maple neck same width of the old Gibson B-45 and B-25 12 strings - and YES in 24" scale. It shall be shown off shortly. It was also brutally expen$ive.

The red sparkle 650 didn't quite have the playing mojo this red one does but still a serious contender.

But I am just doing better on 24" scale now -- there is no denying. And just decided I'd rather have a narrower neck if that is what it takes to get a shorter scale.

So y'all have seen the Revelation Tele, and the Duo Sonic which is currently getting big frets. Both with improved electronics and hardware. And there will be a 22.5 scale Duo Sonic or Musicmaster -- I have't given a damn about pre CBS Fenders for almost 20 years but may start trolling for for late 50s 22.5 scale one. Can be refin hacked, etc. as long as neck is intact and clean

So the Rickenbacker attempt to make a modern rock guitar worked in a way I never thought would work for me.

Actually Prote, you do need a 650. You just don't know it yet.


These are great guitars. I tried a 620 but it didn't work for me. A 650 came up on our local Craigslist for a good price so I went to check it out. The wider neck and bigger frets made all the difference, I still own it.


Yes, I agree!! Another tru believer exists In This Modern World of ours

But still my 24" scale rule took effect 5/1. Now I am trolling for a 22.5" old Duo Sonic.

For me 24" is long scale and 22.5 short scale. That's the State of the World for me here in 2019.

Also the kool Revelation 12 25.5 scale coming up for sale pretty soon.


Also the kool Revelation 12 25.5 scale coming up for sale pretty soon.

With the JM body?


Also the kool Revelation 12 25.5 scale coming up for sale pretty soon.

With the JM body?

– Proteus

Yep, that body in kool surf green. PLUS with both the soapbar single coils AND soapbar buckers (buckers installed cause buckers r better .. actually didn't hear a lot of difference.)

Righteous maple board and WIDEST ever seen on any electric 12 anywhere. Just a shade until 2 inches like the Gibson B 25- and B45 12s of the 60s

So why is this one one the way out? Because I am getting custom 12 in 24" scale which is The Only Scale That Matters (at least to me)

The Revelation short scale Tele (w/ upgraded electronics and hardware has changed my life.


We might could talk about the JM12 when the time comes.


Ok, well keep me informed. ... I blew in fort better pots, jack, switch, and that extra set up pickups on this but dig how kool w/ killer wide neck. Any wider would have been too much even for me

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