Gretsch Garage Sale

A to A” guitar SOLD MAN SOLD


Olympia as a town is overrated in my opinion, although I’ll always be grateful to it for giving us Beat Happening, Sleater-Kinney, and Bikini Kill. There’s a lot of strip malls and motels for parents dropping their kids off at college and nothing much else. Tacoma, on the other hand, is underrated. I hear it is getting increasingly gentrified, but the last time I was through, there were great restaurants and breweries and I love the architecture. Once the timber industry collapsed in the mid-90s, the notorious “Tacoma Aroma” of the pulp processing plants stopped being a thing.


That might make for an interesting lap steel. GLWTS!


It does sound pretty cool. The whole Tacoma guitar scene was new to me... I have heard from a few people.. it's almost like a guitar cult.

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