Gretsch Garage Sale

It’s raining mandolins.


You don't happen to have a 9350 Park Avenue lying around anywhere? Ever since they discontinued the line at the beginning of the year I'm looking to buy a second one as a backup.


I don't - but I have one coming. Which is why the others have to go. If I'm going to have a mandolin around not to play, I want it to be a specialer one.

Not that the ones I'm selling aren't special! Of course they are. They both play exceptionally well, and are ... as I keep saying ... like new. The Gretsch New Yorker is also achingly beautiful, in its plain understated way. And with a remarkably open, warm tone.

But ever since I saw and heard your Park Avenue plugged in, that was it for me.


I didn't know that the Park Avenue had been discontinued. I may have to accelerate my wish to have one.


Looks to me like all the mandolins and banjos have been discontinued. Roots Collection is now a handful of guitars, 11 resos, and 184 ookoolillies.

I'm glad the resos are going well for Gretsch, and I do like the parlor guitars. The only Hawaiian disease I've ever contracted is for lap steels.


Further info on Gretsch manders and banjers, should anyone be concerned.

I have it second-hand from someone (Ric12 maybe? Where’d I put my memory?), who has it from Joe...

that the factory which built those instruments ceased operation, and the men behind the Roots Series curtain are in the process of ginning up production at another facility.

So it’s apparently not that the instruments are gone for good. They’re just taking time off looking for their surrogate parents.


That's good to know, Tim. I really hope that they can continue the line... Perhaps at the Indonesian builder?

And yes, I'm still looking for a deal on another 9350 with a 2014-2017 era serial number.


This is the sole survivor of the mando-guitar wars that went on for five years.

Sounds great through effect pedals.


Where was this war waged?

(And oh yeah, both the mandolines which starred in this thread are sold.)


There was a half decade fascination with mandolins, mandolas, and mandocellos which I waged while I was raising the boys and not gigging. While I only acquired this and an old Stradolin mandolin, I did lose my one guitar that I really regret letting go.

The Stradolin is long gone...frets too small?/fingers too big?, but I still love to play a mandola, octave mandolin, or cittern.

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