Gretsch Garage Sale

I know a gal selling one of these


The white P90 makes it just a little odd-looking to me. Like someone wanted a Gretsch for the name and the look, but not the sound.

Is this a factory setup?


Yes. That’s a factory set up. I won one of these two years ago in Nashville. Gretsch is trying to broaden its market with the Streamliner as an introduction. Decent guitar as as. Given the free price, I splurged a bit on upgrades and like it a lot. I don’t know anything about the specific guitar DCBM is telling us about, but assume that a decent deal can be made.


Well if anyone is interested I will find out ... she was talking about trading back into GC which is probably close to giving it away, so I would think she is not trying to sqeeze the last penny out of it.

I was going to advise her to put it on reverb.


New, very possibly - fugly for sure. Even being blue can't save it!


She couldn't get in to the P-90 on it. They keep mixing up pickups from other brands... in there. Sometimes I think the guitar world is just running out of ideas.


This model smacks of the Fender "Pawn Shop" series they did a few years back. Brand new guitars, fresh from the factory, with a rat-rodish parts-caster vibe. I feel similarly uninspired by this Gretsch model as I did those Fender solidbody mash-ups.


Shouldn't the humbucker be in the bridge position and the P-90 at the neck? Makes more sense to me.


You might think that, but I saw Billy Zoom play a 6122 with a bridge P-90 onstage for an entire X gig last September and it sounded fantastic!

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