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hey fuzz dudes


Well that little 19" scale travel solidbody posted earlier this week is pretty cool. it had a pull-pot volume control so I figured it was for splitting the single bucker it has. But actually it kicked in a really gnarly fuzz sound. But of course in my world, using distortion is a Ticket to Hell, so this 9v scene had to come out and be replaced with normal stuff. EMG made it.

It has a little 1/8" jack that might be line level out to amplified headphones or something. The 2 pots are 2.5" inches apart so your guitar would have to accomodate that or you would have to splice in new lengths of wire. So $25 shipped.

Then also a Boss ACA 120 adaptor. One Intense Pedal Dude here once explained why these are needed for some 80s Boss delays, etc. Have seen those go for over $50, same $25 shipping w/ kool original box.

And some kinda Modern World mini stereo amp w/ remote. and built in FM. $30 shipped.


Hmm, Fuzz thing looks interesting.....


I tried using the DM feature here... but it seems a bit wonky on my mobile device.

I’ll take that there fuzz contraption off your hands — let me know how you’d like to do the transaction.

Cheers! ~phil


The PM here is toast --hardly works You can contact me at rdb AT pipeline DOT com

that is also the paypal address btw

Bob B


One other thing --- Eastwood tele pickups and switch. Both are around 7k. $35 shipped.


Tell me more about Modern World Stereo Amp/Remote.


I used it until I got something a bit different. I only used it for external RCA inputs and never used the FM part of it.But it has a USB input and SD card also. It also appears to have Bluetooth I guess that is for the remote that I have also never used. Best feature for me was it drives 2 sets of speakers. It's a Lepai LP 269FS. Will fire up now and see what's going on. Hasn't been used in about a year.

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