Gretsch Garage Sale

hey doubleneck dudes


i don't know that i'd pay $1200+ for what's essentially a mash-up with bolt-on necks, but i must say that the luthier did a heck of a job putting it together.


I can't envision a time when I'd need to switch between a 6 string and bass that quickly. A 6/12 I could see. Just looking at that makes my back ache, tho.


Danelectro made a bunch of double necks in the early 2000s, including a 6/4 and a 6/6 baritone. I knew a guy in a band where both guitarists played 6/4s and switched off guitar and bass. Good shtick.


Yeah, had one of those 6/baritone Dano's for a couple of years. The guitar(s?) that came in a single layer carton box ...

Traded it for probably another guitar, after realising that i had no use for a doubleneck. Of course, later i bought a Dano six and a Dano bari, as they are lovely guitars you can't do without!


we also did a Dano 6/4 out of parts ... it just felt flimsy, and I don't really go for the lipstick sound. This one was way better.


A Dano bari still intrigues me, but not as part of a doubleneck.

Of course, so does a Gretsch 6str bass, but I'm a little low in unobtainium this year.

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