Gretsch Garage Sale

Gretsch White Penguin For Cheap


Pawn shop........Really? Don't plan on getting anything near $1600.


My financial advisor, PT Barnum, suggested I buy it.

Maybe I'll just send my credit card info and PIN, see what happens.

Seeing as it's a well known GDP'er and there's no time pressure or anything


The easiest way to resolve questions like that is to offer to meet in person...

Usually separates the wheat from the chaff....


I truly have scored some deals that way.. For whatever reason some peeps do seem to always wait until the last moment to unload something.



CG- you're right. Needs to be seen in person.
Lemme know how it goes. Good luck.


Yeah, a friend of mine scored a BLONDE 1995 Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb that someone had listed for $300, had to sell today, etc.

It was real...

Of course, stuff can be stolen too so that's more my fear when something's going cheap...

It is a good time to be buying though... some great deals to be had if you have the $$$...



What year is it?


Well, I sent you a PM, what part of the country are you in?



Thanks, I have sent ya a reply.. let's take it offline...



Man that thing is pretty. Good to see you back on here CadillacGreen.


I tried to PM you,...hope you'll let me know whether it got through. I'm in Southern California, and attempted to bid via PM, hoping we might be near one another.

I'm unclear on whether the PM function actually works on this board.
Also, it says I have zero posts -- I don't have many but it's more than zero.


Do you still have it? Rick 206 463 3328


No pics, you just joined the forum on December 3rd AND the crazy price drops are not helping your cause. Pics please.


I'd like to buy the guitar, please PM me


Sorry to hear of your financial problems, hope the new year brings better times for you!


Sorry to hear about your financial challenges, basedgoth. I also wish you better days ahead for you. And, yes, you will get another Gretsch. We all do eventually!


I bought the guitar from Toby on Monday. He promised to ship it Tuesday. Didn't. Didn't call or email. I contacted him and he promised to ship it Thursday and send the tracking info. It's Friday and he's not returning my emails and not answering his phone. This would be bad if I was single.... but it's much, much worse.


I hope it works out, that's alot of money.


I think I've just been used as a stretch loan. They ("Basedgoth" is Tobias (Toby) Graves and Shiloe Alia King of San Luis Abispo, CA) have now decided not to sell and have promised a refund to come. Once again, the adage "to good to be true" comes to roost.


Sounds like they needed a cash advance. It sucks that you have to suffer.


Thanks, UncleG. But it's not about suffering. I'm definitely not suffering. It's about being used by someone pretending that they're in trouble. I'm just feeling a little stupid and thinking that I'm old enough to know better.

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