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Gretsch G6136SLBP - Setzer Black Phoenix - $1850


Decided to sell my Black Phoenix. Incredible guitar that is well deserving of its place at the top of the Gretsch lineup. TV Classics are always a win, the 25.5" scale length and larger body gives it a snap and depth that's usually reserved for Country Clubs, and the black Nitro Lacquer finish with silver appointments and silver sparkle binding somehow manages to be both classy and schwanky at the same time!

Setzer-influenced features include the 9.5" radius ebony fretboard, 1959-style trestle bracing and the Hot Rod wiring scheme that strips out the tone controls and just puts a single volume knob between the pickups and your amp.

This one is a Terada-made beauty from 2005, and it's been fitted with a Callaham string-thru Bigsby shaft (original is also included). Tone and playability are fantastic, and it comes with the original hardshell case, as well.

Cosmetically it's also in great shape. Some swirl marks from normal playwear (seemingly always the case with black finishes). There's a slight nick in the binding at about the 15th fret and a bit of finish marring on either side of the headstock, which I assume is from being stored on a string tree at some point. Neither affect the playability or are all that noticeable, but I wanted to mention them just the same. Happy to provide more pictures upon request.

Price drop for a quick sale - Asking $1850 plus shipping or best reasonable offer, and I'm not really looking for trades at this time.


Well, well, well, this looks like a fine opportunity. Wonder how fast I can flip a half-dozen lesser guitars....


Ty, if I didn't already own a Phoenix, I would be all over this.

These are an outstanding Gretsch in every way. No disappointments.

Someone should jump on this.


JD - Truly. I've been fortunate enough to own quite a few Gretsches over the years, and this is the nicest one by far. My Dyna Jet is my desert island guitar, though, and I need to free up some cash so this one's on the block.


Price drop!! Asking $2000 plus shipping or best reasonable offer.


Now priced at $1850 plus shipping for a quick sale.


He sold it on eBay.

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