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Sold - Gretsch Clarinet F/S or Trade


Vintage Gretsch B flat Commander Clarinet for sale or trade. I'm thinking this was made mid-'50's judging by the beautiful tweed and leather case. New cork, new pads, vintage springs have an easy action. Heat impressed with "Gretsch Commander USA" also with a #17xxx in the old plastic.Not as good as wood but cheaper and with a much warmer sound than any modern beginner's clarinet. Latches work fine and comes with a case key -- and no, it won't fit your guitar case.

Will trade for: a copy of Ed Ball's 6120 book, a Duane Eddy handle with armature, that rusty, dusty tone twister sitting around in your parts drawer or ?

$50 shipped to you in CONUS. Shipping may be higher to HI, AK and Canada.


Be cool like Billy Zoom and John Jorgenson: play clarinet as well as hot guitar!


The clarinet insert is glued in and someone with some knowledgeable persuasion could get the thing out and have the coolest little tweed harp case. Or make your wife happy with a new purse.


PM sent. Is it time to learn a new instrument?


If it doesn’t pan out with Bob I’ll take it.


I haven't figured out the pm functions and have sent Bax an email for directions; hopefully be in touch tomorrow.


Darn... Late to game. I'd trade you a 6120 book (with personalized inscription) for that cool case. You can even keep the clarinet!


I started out with clarinet.


I love that case!


I’m sorry, but this thread has me totally cracking up...”you can keep the clarinet!”

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