Gretsch Garage Sale

Gretsch 6120 SSU Orange and Vox AC15HW1


I bought this last year. I have played it some but really prefer playing my Duesenberg. This, kinda like the Vox, just isn't my matter how much I wish it to be so. Cool Vintage Orange color. TV Jones Classics sound AWESOME. Bridge is pinned. Locking tuners....all the right stuff.

In great mechanical condition. It has a little light rash on the back nothing through to the color or wood. It could likely be buffed out with a little work. The bright work needs a little shining. It was pretty dirty when I got it and I just never spent enough time with it to really shine it up.

I would do $1850 shipped to ConUS with Paypal included. I am looking to get a Two Rock Studio Pro or Jet and have cash to make things even. I would entertain other things. If you are interested, shoot me some ideas....I am open.

I have always wanted a Vox. I love the tones, chime, etc. I tried the AC30 but it was too much. I found the AC15HW1 (Celestion Greenback) and it was IT. I love the tones and it is fun sitting at home playing. I took it to church and it just isn't me. I am going back to the Rockerverb for now.

It has maybe 15 hours on it and is in perfect shape. I have the footswitch, cover, and original shipping box. Save yourself a few hundred bucks on an essentially new amp. Let's shoot for $900 plus actual shipping if you split Paypal with me.

I am looking for a Two-Rock Studio Pro or Jet (prefer 35 but will talk about 22) head. Might consider a Fuchs or some other similar design amp. I have cash to make up the difference.


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