Gretsch Garage Sale

Gretsch 6118T-120 Anniversary (sold locally)


2004 Anniversary for sale. $1600 + shipping. Excellent + condition with a couple of worthwhile upgrades. (Zero Glide nut and machined Gotoh vintage style tuners) The neck is a slim C for those into slim necks. All the details and lots of pics over at


How about a reduction of $100 for GDP members? So, $1500 plus shipping. I'm trying to finance another purchase in case anyone is wondering why this one is on the block; there's certainly nothing lacking in this great guitar.


These are wonderful guitars with a great set of features. Beautiful as well. $1,500 seems reasonable to me. Good luck with the sale.


Great guitar - I have one and I wouldn't necessarily call the neck slim. I abhor thin (profile) necks and my 2003 version is real comfy.

These came stock with TV Jones classics, too!

Good luck!

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