Gretsch Garage Sale

Gretsch 1961 6120 player up for grabs


Plays like a dream. Fire burnt on back. Replaced binding on body. Sperzels. Killer guitar. POA. Bank transfer only. No PAYPAL. UK and EU


Sir, you own and have sold some beautiful instruments. Looks like a great guitar. Alas, I am in Canada. Good luck with your sale--although I notice you haven't posted an asking price?


May we see the burned back, please?


Hot dang dilly! Light trestle bracing and tone for ever!


Only the nitro is burnt not through to the wood. Binding melted so was rebound on the body only


The ultimate in "relic-ing". I bet there is a great story behind the fire damage..

Great mojo.


It looks just like my '61 (except the fire). If it was in the US, I'd be escaping together my pennies and nickels. How much is it?


Plays better than any Stern relic I've ever had. £3500 for a real deal Gretsch. Money well spent!


I play my Gretsches less than any of my other guitars (now) but the sight of a really cool orange 6120 always sends chills up my arms. Dang cool guitar.


Thats one gorgeous Gretsch, burn damage and all. I've always been interested in the history of individual guitars, my favorites have always had great story's. best wishes with the sale, The GP's is definitely the right place to offer this beauty up

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