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Gold filtertron set any era


Looking for a gold filtertron set to put on my refinished 64 club. I don't want to break the bank so something more recent would be most likely, 90s through till now. Worn and tarnished is okay. Shipping to Canada necessary but of course all costs/charges are mine and shipping to Canada is a snap.


I have a set of gold HS Filtertrons that came out of a 2007 6120 if you're still looking.


I sent a PM Did you get it? I'll try again


Okay I'll try again For those who might have some sort of Filtertron (not blacktops, I have some) to sell. Ideally looking for a deal on a pair of gold HS Filtertrons. I'm planning on selling the refinished cadillac green 64 club and I want to put it back to how it would be stock(even if with some new parts) as that's what most people buying are looking for.

Shipping a pair of pickups to Canada in a flat rate box can be $25.95, However pickups would probably survive wrapped in bubble wrap and put in a padded envelope.



Still looking. Haven't found a pair yet though there have been a couple of false alarms on the forum. Need them for my 64 refinished green club.

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