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Gibson GA-5 Skylark


Selling one of my Gibson GA-5 Skylark tube amps. Known as "champ killers", these amps have the same 6v6, 12ax7, 5y3 tube compliment and great natural overdrive. A recent service included filter caps, a three prong grounded cord, and a wgs speaker. A Homebrew vinyl amp cover is included as well. $700 plus shipping.


I think you can get repro plastic logos for those also. Kool piece.


Nice amp, I had the GA-5T (tremolo) and it was a perfect bedroom amp.


Yes DCBirdman, they sell replacement logos on the 'bay. My other GA-5 Skylark has the logo. They are great little amps and a studio sleeper but 3 of them under my bed is just a shame. Trying to raise some funds. Thanks!

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