Gretsch Garage Sale

G6129T Green Sparkle Jet (Vancouver, Canada) $1600


Hi all, just putting some feelers out here. I have this listed locally on craigslist, but I know someone here may have been looking for this guitar as well.

It's in perfect shape. I got it from a local musician (traded for my 6120). It's a gorgeous guitar, but I play my old beat-up archtop and Tele in my band, and this just sits looking cool in my living room.

I really never bonded with Filtertrons, try as I might, and I don't want to spend money to mod this one, so I think I'm just going to see if someone is interested.

Here's my craigslist post: http://vancouver.craigslist...

Have a look and let me know if you have questions. I've never shipped a guitar, so we'd just have to sort out shipping and that cost if someone was interested.

Thanks for looking! Mikey


Oh. In Calgary, so close, yet so far...


Almost worth getting on the ferry.. But the consequences when I returned would tip those scales.


Well thanks for the kind words, folks. I have some other guitar itches to scratch so I hope someone will want this, but it might take a while. Thanks for looking!


Is there any chance you're still selling this guitar? I have searched high and low for one and can't find any!


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