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FS/T Baldwin Exterminator amplifier Neil Young fans

Another one of my rare vintage amps for sale vintage 67 Baldwin exterminator amp model E-1 sn 01547 dated 9/27/67 This amp uses germanium transistors the same type that are in the vintage fuzz tones. Neil Young fans will recognize this amp. 2-15's 2-12's and 2-7's internal crossover circuit unique tone circuit and vintage vibe coolness. 10plus on the coolness factor scale. This am was recently serviced and sounds fantastic. I estimate it at 100 watts. Information is hard to find on this rare amp. cosmetically excellent condition. Price 999.99 try to find one in your local GC!!!!!!!!! shipping? unlikely unless you coordinate all the details and all I need to do is deliver it to a shipper location. contact me at alpep@lostartvintageDOTcom
fuc.... dude this is the infamous Neil Young distortion... also a new hipster guy you oldies might not know of who is putting out great jams "Kurt Veil" plays one of these bad boys... I WANT IT BUT DONT HAVE A GRAND!
Wow, talk about memories. I had one of these and used to drag it around for years. Good luck on your sale
what does the SUPERSOUND do??
supersound is like a tone control low mid highs. accentuates some frequencies.

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