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FS/FT: Little Dawg 6G6B Blonde Bassman


Hi All I’m selling this cool amp that was custom built for Frank Canino by Little Dawg amps. A single channel 6G6B Blonde Bassman clone. Sozo caps, Classic Tone transformers and a 12” Hellatone 60 (vintage 30) speaker. Tung Sol reissue 6L6s. I’ll sell for 800 shipped or trade for a newer Electromatic Gretsch or something with TV Jones pickups.


Glad they stuffed a 12 in that bad boy


That’s my shadow on the grillcloth. Not a stain or discoloration in case anyone wonders. Open to a 60s Vibrochamp as well.


oh man oh man oh man..... gotta' resist pulling the credit card out....


I'm interested. Just sent you a PM via the site, but I know that doesn't always work. Please contact me at: mikep13p at aol dot com


If I bought it, would that company put a blonde output transformer in it and a new faceplate if we drop shipped it? I've not heard of them.


You've never heard of Lil' Dawg Amps ?????

They started off as an "affordable Victoria" I think, with all tweed designs. But he's branched out over the years. I've read nothing but raves.


I'll check em out.. Classic Tones only makes blackface bassman transformers though.


The original poster had accepted my offer, but has since stopped communication after saying he was busy this past weekend and couldn't ship it...


uh-oh...... hmm.....


I bought an amp and a couple of other items from Travis over the years. Good guy in my experience. Give him a little time to get back to you, it has been a busy weekend for most.


I've bought 3 guitars from Travis and it's always been a good experience. He is A+++.


Travis..... Are you still out there? Hope everything is ok. I'm still interested in completing this purchase. Please get back to me.

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