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FS:2011 6128T Duo Jet (Black) in great condition


Hey GDP'ers. As always - when I am ready to sell a Gretsch, I usually offer it to the folks here at the GDP.

This 6128 is in great shape, with the following notes.

1) Missing 1 small screw on the back cover to the pots

2) There is some checking from what I imagine was use of a guitar stand without padding (please see pictures. I believe this can be addressed easily with some buffing or high grit sanding. I never did anything about it as it never ever bothered me)

3) The pickups were swapped out for a little while and then put back. I've taken a picture to show that the solder points are super clean.

Some pictures :

and a page with multiple pics :

I'm asking $1800.

If interested, PM me.



another bump. once again - offers welcome


Still available. Offers still welcome.


Hmmm...I get an infected file notice for the link in this listing from my security software.


Not used to seeing malware links on GDP. Bad juju variantboy....

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