Gretsch Garage Sale

FS:1962 Country Club 1700 shipped


Hi Everyone I’m starting a new thread for this as I thought it was sold a while back but is still available. Due to a conversation I had with Fish and Game concerning CITES and overzealous officials not knowing ebony from rosewood, I have to keep the sale in the US. This is a great playing Country Club. It’s had a neck reset and refret. No binding rot. There is back of neck wear. I’ve added an early 60s V cut bigsby. Original case and tailpiece included. 1700 shipped. Possible trades are 1000-1200 plus an amp. A TArmond equipped Gretsch. 1400 plus an early 60s Gretsch bar bridge and base. You can contact me at Travis L Johnson at Aol dot com


Good Lord that's a deal. Are these trestle braced?


Good Lord that's a deal. Are these trestle braced?

– Otter

This one is not, although the serial does date to 62.


Non-trestle braced gives more of a real hollow body sound. A trestle braced guitar in my opinion is pretty well a solid body guitar with a hollow body look. This looks to be a great deal, I have a similar vintage Club and it's a fine instrument.


There must be a catch to this guitar sale. How else could it sell for this price? A 1962 for $1700. Good Lawd, that is a great deal.


It was me who bought it but then possible CITES issues ruined the deal. It's been said before but I'll say it again: Travis is a stand up guy!!


Nice guitar. Great price!


PM sent.

– Bob Howard

Hi Bob It didn’t get through. Please feel free to email me at TravisLJohnson at aol dot com


Bob Howard is a member of the Club...Club?


Not me. I was in bed asleep. That’ll teach me to go to bed before 11 pm. I woke up to the “sold” sign. Not a member of the Club Club...yet.


So we have a mystery buyer? Congrats to whoever the lucky guy is.


Would love for it to have gone to a fellow member but it sold on Reverb to a fellow in Texas.


Well it’s not like the opportunity wasn’t there. Sometimes we have to kick ourselves. I was getting weak but not quite there. Congrats to you and the buyer.

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