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SOLD: Vox AC15C1 w/upgrades - SF Bay Area


For sale - Vox AC15C1. This is the latest AC15 variant, with two channels (normal and top boost), reverb, tremolo, tone cut and master volume. 12" Celestion Greenback speaker. Shockingly for an AC15, it's 15 watts. Upgraded with all new JJ tubes and a full length reverb pan. Comes with a snazzy Vox cover.

Excellent condition. For GDP members, I'll throw in a rev/trem foot switch.


I'm in the San Francisco area, and I'd rather not ship - it's not a lightweight and shipping would be prohibitive.



Controls, R-L: inputs for Normal and Top Boost channels Normal Volume Top Boost Volume, Treble, Bass Reverb Level Tremolo speed and depth Master tone cut Master volume


Hey Mel,

I'm interested in this, however, I'm currently working out of Miami, and will be back in San Jose in the middle of July. If anyone hasn't taken it by then, consider it sold!


Sorry, I already sold it locally on CL. I should have marked this sold, so now, consider it SOLD :)

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