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FS: Voodoo Labs Trem & Monster Effects El Dorado


Thinking about freshening up my pedalboard. Time to try new flavors (hopefully some more Nocturne creations).

Voodoo Labs Tremolo: 4 knob version. Excellent Condition w/original box & paperwork. $95

Monster Effects El Dorado: Long since discontinued, hand wired number from John Spears. Medium gain pedal (lower gain precursor to the Mastortion). Great ZZ Top-ish Tweedish OD sounds. Hand pinstriped top. A few nicks in finish (nothing major). $125

Both pedals can be seen here on my pedalboard.


Hey, I've got the same version of the Brain Seltzer! Great pedal!


Indeed it is!

I've been wanting to try Tavo's Nail Head but to fund that, I've got to sell these!

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