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***SOLD*** 2011 Gretsch Candy Apple Red Brian Setzer Hot Rod w/TV J…


SOLD on 5/11/2015

my email: atandemjump at

con/usa ONLY no trades / no holds

Purchased in April of 2013

SPECS: http://www.gretschguitars.c...

TV Jones Pre-wired Treble Bleed volume kit installed

Everything else stock. Set up with Mangan 10’s.

Plays very well, sound terrific! Very little wear on the frets. GORGEOUS GUITAR!

Selling because I bought a SSLVO recently.

This is an outstanding Hot Rod 6120, it’s a players guitar and priced to sell.

For 100% disclosure:

There is a superficial fissure that appears on the heel of the guitar. It appears through the paint, not the wood. But it's not open; it's very tight. See the pics. It was received this way and has never been an issue. It has not increased in size or depth in the two years of ownership, and has no ill effect on the structure of the guitar. The photos were taken with a Macro lense in the light at various angles to show it as best possible.

Also, the ebony board has separated at the grain in certain areas and is noticeable enough to note. See pics. It diminishes a bit in the summer and becomes a little more pronounced in the winter. I’ve never addressed this because it has never been an issue, effected playability or tone. If you’re concerned about it you should call a tech, or send him the pictures and get his opinion. I’m not a collector and all my guitars have cosmetic niggles.

Will ship packed well & for travel in an authorized Gretsch Box {the one my SSLVO came in}

My hope is this guitar will partner with a player that gigs and wants a PRO-LINE Gretsch at a great buy-in opportunity. I’m not giving it away but it’s certainly priced aggressively. Someone's gonna be happy!

The above disclosure should appease but don’t hesitate to ask a question. I’ve sold a LOT of stuff over the years and I want you to be happy. I also want you to have realistic expectations, which I’ve tried to accommodate with the many pics. If something is lacking, let me know and I’ll do my best to address your concerns.


Thanks! Joe


Lowered the price to $1350


price lowered to $1299!

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