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FS: Vintage Bigsby B6 58-61’ era


Hello- I have for sale a vintage bigsby B6. I don't have a need for this so I'd like to offer it to a collector or someone who needs it for a restoration. I had it looked at by a bigsby expert and he told me that it's from between 1958-1961 because the patent number is stamped (not embossed) and the stud (the part that holds the handle on) is a phillips head, and those two things were pretty much done by '62/'63. Before '58 would have a slotted screw stud.

Based on the research I've done and the value he appraised it at, I'm asking $475 shipped, which is on the low end of it's appraised value. Here is a link to some other pictures of it installed onto a guitar. Link...


Is it me or does it appear that something is etched into the right side?


Ah, yes. I forgot to mention that. It's a previous owner's social sec. #. Back in the day, it was suggested that you etch your SSN onto things to aid in theft recovery.

That was a good idea, eh?


I remember those days well.

Now it would be like "hey, thanks for stealing my stuff, as a bonus, you get my SSN as well so you can get some credit cards etc and go to town on that while you are fencing my things".


How about a better photo of the entire vibrato? Can't tell much about the condition from the close-up.


Oops... just saw the link. Sorry. Still not a great photo.


Ok, I'll try to get something better on there. Thanks.


Ok, I had actually posted a link to the wrong album. There should be some better photos now available at the link above.


While I am indeed in the market for a vintage Bigsby, I have found an early 60s Gretsch "V" cut for less than half of your low appraisal.

Good luck with it, though.


Well I'm open to offers, but the appraisal was done by someone who deals a lot of bigsby's and he told me he would sell it for $500-600, and mentioned that I may have a harder time selling it for that amount because he knows collectors, which I completely understand.

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