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FS: vintage 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb


just an all around nice amp (and nice guy..LOL). Seeing your work makes me want to drop my 69 Deluxe off for a recap. The last guy used several different brands under the can.


Thanks, JD! It's best if you can find a tech, guitar or amp, who is mildly OCD. And I qualify for that. If I had done that cap job, you'd know, because all of the labels would be lined up perfectly. LOL. I tend to be perfectionistic about builds and repairs, but I know that eventually someone else will look inside and see the work.


I think the record is skipping Can someone move the tone arm?


That amp is so tidy. Wish I was in the states


I think the record is skipping Can someone move the tone arm?

– redrocker

I taped a penny to it...


The price was in the description that got nuked when I tried to delete this thread completely.

February 1965 Deluxe Reverb. $2300 firm, plus actual shipping. Power tranny might be a ‘68, by date codes. All other numbers are consistent. Emi speaker. Serviced with new electrolytic caps and new tubes and Tuki cover included.


I'm going to return it to the owner soon, and then it will be not for sale. But I'm some of us (me included) will come back this thread in a couple of years and be kicking ourselves.

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