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Free Stray Cats 40th Tickets August 28th Los Angeles Greek Theater


They are now free, I am out of country and want them to be used since no one wants to buy them

Business travel is preventing my wife & I from going.

2 Tickets for Stray Cats 40th at Los Angeles Greek Theatre on Wednesday August 28. Doors at 6:30.

Section A-Right Row B Seats 34 & 36

Face value and sale price is $143 each. Paypal friends, electronic ticket transfer.

Thanks, Scott


A bump before putting them on CL & Stubhub.


Had I not moved out of SoCal a month ago, I'd be all over these tickets. And you would not have given them away. Good luck.


RcktBrewMan- That is very cool of you to offer these for free. I am really surprised no one has taken you up on this (and it's now the day of the concert!). Man, if I were in the area, I'd be all over this!! Again, very nice gesture, Sir !


Had I seen this thread in time they’d have found a good home. Come to think of it, I met Scott via tickets to the Blasters he couldn’t use.

You are too generous, Scott. Hope you and your wife are well!

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