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FS: Set of early 50’s Dynasonics


These pickups were part of a project that I have since abandoned!

Pics are found here:

GDP price is $1000

The pickup measuring 4.67k came out of a 1951 Gretsch 6185N (model later renamed "Clipper"). This model has one pickup in the neck.

The pickup measuring 6.24k was purchased separately. The prior owner said that it had developed a non-stable reading and it was rewound by Tom Brantley (Dynasonic Guru out of North Carolina) using era correct 44 gauge plain enamel wire.

They are both of the same early-mid 50's production out of Toledo, which can be dated by the clear acrylic backs marked "Rowe Industries Toledo, O, USA. I am told that by the late 50's, they went to a different back.

They are in great condition and sound amazing. I listed them at very good because they are from the early 50's. Not sure I could call them excellent given their age, but the pictures speak for themselves.

If you've ever wanted a 50's Gretsch but couldn't afford one, put these in an Electromatic and you get there at a fraction of the price.

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